Logging on to the Student MVS System

How to Logon to StuMVS in Campus Labs
How to Access StuMVS from Outside of Lab
How to Initiate a StuMVS Session

You can logon to the Student MVS system from a PC in one of the computer labs on campus or from a PC outside the labs.  Please note that access to the "ReadIBM" documentation is only available from the lab PCs.

How to Logon to the Student MVS System in Lab:

In the labs, you will need to be at a PC running Windows 95 or above.  These PCs have been set up with the software necessary to run StuMVS. Select the following folders: LAB > CLASS > Computer Science > Student MVS. Now you are ready to click "Student MVS" to begin a session. Click here for more information on initiating a StuMVS session.

Accessing the Student MVS System outside of Lab:

Outside the Labs, you will first need to install the StuMVS access software on a Windows PC.  The QWS3270 Secure Software can be downloaded from the following site:


Once you are at the download site, please be sure to read the detailed instructions on how to download the access software at the link marked "Getting Started". If you have software questions or troubleshooting problems you can find general information at the link marked "FAQs".

Initiating a StuMVS Session:

Once you have the access software installed or you are at a lab PC, you are ready to start a session.  You will need to have obtained a StuMVS userid and initial password from your instructor. Select the appropriate icon to initiate a session on the Student MVS system. You should see a screen displaying  a WIU logo.

  1.) Type MVS as requested and press enter to get to the Entry Validation (logon) screen.
  2.) At the Entry Validation (logon) screen, type your StuMVS userid and password and press enter.
  3.) You should get a menu screen from the MVS session manager.  This will list the MVS systems available to you.

Your menu options should include TSO and STUCICS. Select TSO to edit, compile, or submit one of your programs. more information on using TSO. Select STUCICS to test or run one of your CICS transaction programs.

You can have a TSO and a CICS session going concurrently.  At the MVS session manager menu screen select either TSO or STUCICS.  When you are in the application you selected, type \m on the command line.  This will take you back to the MVS session manager menu.  Select the other application from the menu and a session will start in that application.  In this way you can have a TSO session to work on making and compiling program changes, and a CICS session to test the changes.

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