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    Your profile is built the first time you log on
    Stores information using the values you last entered on that panel or similar type of panel
    Information maintained in your user profile includes:
            Project name, group name, and type
            Job statement information
            SYSOUT class for printed output
            Defaults for list and log processing
            Terminal characteristics and PF key definitions
            Edit profiles
            Current scroll amounts
Edit Commands
    Primary commands
        - Commands that are entered on the COMMAND line
        - Usually affect the entire data set or member
    Line commands
        - Commands that are entered on a specific line or lines
        - Usually affect one or more lines within a specific data set
    Special commands
        - Commands that are written by WIU or are separate from the IBM shipped version
        - Examples:
          CALL, ONLY, CUT, PASTE
Editing Tips
        - Be careful when deleting members and data sets
        - Use CREATE and C99999 commands to create new members
        - Use ONLY and make changes with "C old new NX"

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