Glossary of IBM MVS System Acronyms and Terms
CICS Customer Information and Control System - Online transaction processor that runs under MVS, handles user-written transaction processing application programs
CLIST Command List - Set of command interpreted by MVS JCL processor and TSO
HLQ High Level Qualifier - 1st part of a data set name or library name, used to identify its creator or owner
ISPF Interactive Structured Programming Facility - Application that runs under TSO and allows access to library members and data sets
JCL Job Control Language - Control statements to direct the operating system when processing a batch job
JES Job Entry Subsystem - Controls input and output to MVS 
Jobs are read by JES, output is viewed or routed by JES
LLQ Low Level Qualifier - last part of a data set name or a library name, used to identify its type
MVS or OS/390 Multiple Virtual Systems or Operating System/390 - the operating system
PDS and PDSE Partitioned Data Set Extended - libraries
RACF Resource Allocation and Control Facility - security product
SMS System Managed Storage - component of the operating system that handles placement of data sets on DASD devices
TSO Time Sharing Online - Online Interface to MVS System and system products

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