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STUMVS is the Student MVS system at WIU.  It has been set up for use by students in COBOL, Assembler, and CICS classes.  You can access this system by selecting the "Student MVS" icon from the PCs in the computer labs on campus.

To use STUMVS, you will need to get a userid and password from your instructor.  The initial password will be good for one logon.  At your first logon, change the initial password to one that meets the following criteria.  Your new password will be good for the rest of the semester.  You should not have to change it.

Passwords must be six to eight characters long.
The first character must be alpha (A-Z).
The second and fifth characters must be numeric(0-9).
The third, fourth, and sixth characters can be any alphanumeric (A-Z,0-9).
Seventh and eighth characters are optional and can be any alphanumeric (A-Z,0-9).

Once you have a userid and initial password, you are ready to logon.

If the network appears to be having trouble, see the assistant in the lab you are in.  If the network is ok and STUMVS or STUCICS seems to be having trouble, ask the lab assistant to contact the AC help desk.  They have a number of test procedures to check and can get additional help if needed.  If you have programming questions or other questions about using STUMVS, please see your instructor.  If you forget your password, see your instructor.  Passwords can only be reset between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. M-F.

IT is a land of acronyms, and MVS is no exception.  We have put together a short glossary which may help.  Suggestions for additions to it would be most welcome.

WIU documentation for STUMVS use is web-based.  From the "Student MVS" folder select the "Docs for Student MVS" icon and you will be in a browser session at the STUMVS documentation.  Or you can go to

A selected group of IBM manuals are available for your reference.

Help screens and message explanations are available directly in TSO.

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