Using CICS on the Student System

CICS is a control program that handles on-line transactions in an IBM mainframe environment.  Transaction processing programs are written to execute under CICS.

STUCICS is the CICS system set up for STUMVS.  Student programmers can create their CICS transaction programs on TSO, compile them to a STUCICS load library, and execute them on STUCICS.  If you are in a CICS class, in addition to a userid and the TSO libraries normally created for each student, an additional CICS library will be created, "userid.SU.MAPLIB".  You will also have some transaction names, some program names, some map names, and a file name defined for you in the STUCICS system.  These will be based on the third, fifth and sixth characters of your userid.  The transaction names will be these three characters followed by a suffix of A, B, C, D, E, or F.  The program names will be these three characters with a prefix of  P and a suffix of A, B, C, D, E, or F.  Map names (if used) will be these three characters with a prefix of M and a suffix of A, B, C, D, E, or F.  The file name will use these three characters in the second qualifier as FxxxA.  An example of the naming convention follows:

    If your userid is                                     CS1S24
        your three character identifier will be          124
        your transaction names will be                   124A, 124B, ... 124F
        your program names will be                       P124A, P124B, ... P124F
        your map names (if used) will be                 M124A, M124B, ... M124F
        your file name will be                           userid.F124A.ACCTSMST.DATA
        your class transaction names (if used) will be   110A, 110B, ... 110F

When you enter a transaction name in CICS it is associated with a specific program which gets executed first.  This is the initial program for that transaction.  Each of your transaction names has an initial program name associated with it.  Transaction 124A will execute P124A, transaction 124B will execute P124B, etc.  The initial programs will always be executed first when the transaction is entered, but they can then call other programs.  Your instructor will tell you how to use these additional programs and the CICS commands to get to them if she wants you to use them.

You will be able to access the transactions and programs associated with your userid and any class transactions set up by your instructor.

To create your CICS program, you get onto TSO just as you would for batch programs.  When you are ready to compile your program, invoke the COMPILE CLIST, select the CICS option, identify the suffix you wish to use, and submit the compile.

When you compile a CICS program and want to test it, you need to force a new copy of that program into the CICS memory.  Use the NEWC command to do this.  At a blank screen in CICS enter the command "NEWC program-name".

AbendAid-FX/CICS is a utility tool and debugging aid that has been made available on the STUCICS system.  If your CICS program abends, you can use AbendAid's debugging facilities.

Selected CICS manuals are available on the IBM Reference Manual web page.

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