TSO is your interface to the MVS system.  Through TSO, you can use ISPF/PDF editor to edit members of your libraries, submit jobs, view output, see your data sets, and perform certain utility functions.  When you select TSO on the MVS session manager, you are connected to a TSO session.  You will see a menu of TSO functions and applications.  The most commonly used application is ISPF/Program Development Facility, an editing package that runs under the TSO software. You can use ISPF to easily create or edit a data set and to run jobs.

In order to get on STUMVS you have to obtain a userid.   This userid will be used by the security system to tie together your jobs, libraries, data sets, and output listings and identify them as yours.  You will be able to access the items identified by this userid, but other students will not.

A set of libraries will be created for each member of each class.   These libraries will be created for you at the time of your first logon to TSO and will be kept throughout the semester.  Your userid will be used as the HLQ of your libraries to identify them as yours.  You will have read/write access to your own libraries.   The following libraries are created:

           userid.SU.SOURCE                             source code
           userid.SU.LOADLIB                           compiled, executable mods
           userid.SU.JCL                                      job control members used to run jobs
           userid.COMPUWAR.LISTING           abendaid listings

where userid is your StuMVS login userid.

In addition to the individual student libraries, there is a set of class libraries, to which you have read access.  Your instructor can use these libraries to store samples or shared material.

Your userid should be used to form the job name for any jobs you submit.  Create this job name by adding a single character to the userid before submitting the job statement.  Following this naming convention for jobs will allow you to view your output in the SDSF function of TSO.  You will also be able to create data sets with your userid as the HLQ.

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