SDSF - View Your Output

In order to view your output data set, you will need to use SDSF from the TSO menu.

First, you will need to log on to TSO.  Once you have logged in, you will need to choose option S - SDSF (System Display and Search Facility) to get to the SDSF Primary Option Menu:

Then choose option O - Output Queue Display. This will take you to the output queue display:

Option O will list all the students jobs divided into the appropriate output class, either D, P, or X.  Output class D and X will remain in the output queue for 24 hours before being purged.  Output in class P will be printed if all the necessary printing criteria have been provided, otherwise it will be purged in 24 hours.

Tab down to the file in which you would like to see, with the Class type of D in the fifth column. Type the letter S in the NP column next to the job and press enter. This will bring up your output file for you to browse.

Please note:  The first time you access SDSF to view your job output, it may not be displayed.  If that is the case, enter "PRE userid*" on any command line in SDSF (i.e. PRE CS1S2T*).  This sets your userid as your display prefix and will then display all output from jobs that begin with your userid.  The PRE command will only need to be entered once, as it is saved in your profile.

Press F3 to exit out of the screen(s).

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