TSO/ISPF - Print or Display Data Set Lists

In order to obtain a listing of data set names, you will need to use ISPF/PDF from the TSO menu. ISPF/PDF is the TSO editor. You will also use ISPF/PDF to rename or delete a data set.

First, you will need to log on to TSO.  Once you have logged in, you will need to use PDF (option P - ISPF/Program Development Facility) to get to the ISPF Primary Option Menu:

Then choose option 3 - Utilities. This will take you to the Utility Selection Panel:

Choose 4 (Dslist) to print or display (to process) list of data set names or to print or display VTOC (Volume Table of Contents) information.

Leave the  Option ===> prompt blank if you wish to display the data set list. If you want to print the listings of data set names, enter a P at the Option ===> prompt.

Then tab down to the Dsname Level heading and type the High Level Qualifier (HLQ) of the data set you wish to see. (If you are wanting a listing of all of your data set names, type in your logon userid.) In the example above, all data set names starting with SYST. and having a low-level qualifier starting with ISP  will be displayed. (Please note the use of the wild card '*'):

This handy search utility uses option P (PDF - ISPF/Program Development Facility) from the  Western Illinois University Main Menu, option 3 (Utilities) from the ISPF Primary Option Menu, and then option 4 (Dslist) from the Utility Selection Panel, and is commonly referred to as P.3.4 (pronounced P-dot-3-dot-4).

Press F3 to exit out of the screen(s).

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