MVS QuickRef

We have installed a message-referencing product called MVS QuickRef on STUMVS.  It provides an on-line explanation of MVS and COBOL error messages, JCL statements, assembler instructions, and COBOL verbs.

When you are viewing your output, you can access it directly from SDSF. After logging on to TSO, choose S at the Western Illinois University Main Menu:

The SDSF Primary Option Menu will appear:

Enter O at the COMMAND INPUT ===> prompt, and press return:

Select your output job, identified with a Class of D, by entering an S on the output job line next to the jobname (under the NP column), and pressing return.

Now scroll down to your errors:

Place your cursor on the error message code (ie. IGYOP3124-W in the above sample screen), the statement, or instruction you want explained, and press the F6 key.  This will bring up the MVS Quick Reference explanation on your screen:

Press F3 to return.

You can access MVS QuickRef, directly from SDSF when you are viewing your output, or from a PDS library when you are editing a member with ISPF/PDF.

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