ISPF Function Keys

Function keys are used to perform certain actions in ISPF.  For STUMVS the standard ISPF function key settings are as follows:

        F1        Help
        F2        Split screen into 2 TSO sessions
        F3        Return
        F6        MVS Quick Ref
        F7        Page back
        F8        Page forward
        F9        Toggle between TSO sessions

To add functions to the PF keys, at a "Command ===>" prompt within a ISPF screen, type:


This will bring up the Keylist Utility screen, displaying the current PF key settings:

Tab down to the key you wish to set, type in the Definition, and then Exit the screen by pressing the PF3 key. Please do not change pre-set PF function keys, or you will not be able to access Help, to exit programs, etc.

For a listing of PF function definitions and codes, see your ISPF manual.

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