TSO/ISPF - Viewing or Browsing a Data Set

View allows you to display source data or output listings. With view, members of partitioned data sets or DASD-resident sequential data sets can be displayed, and updated using editor commands. However, these changes can NOT be saved.

Browse also allows you to display data or output listings. With browse, members of partitioned data sets or DASD-resident sequential data sets can be displayed, and can be scrolled forward, backward, left, or right. However, you can not alter the data sets displayed.

In order to browse a data set (view it only --- no editting), you need to log on to TSO. Once you have logged in, you will need to use PDF (option P - ISPF/Program Development Facility) to get to the ISPF Primary Option Menu:

Then choose option 1 - View. This will take you to the View Entry Panel:

In this screen, you will need to enter the Project, Group, and Type to view or browse a library.

Please note: If your data set has more than 3 qualifiers (ie. Project, Group, Type, Subtype, ... etc.), you will need to enter the data set name in single quotes on the Data Set Name line:

For the example below,  the library being viewed is SYS1.CPAC.PARMLIB:

Then tab down to the member you would like to view and press enter.

To view a member, at the View Entry Panel, you will need the member name as well. This will allow you to view the contents of the member in which you specified.

View is a good way to look at a data set in which you do not wish to alter.

Please note: If you are having problems remembering the complete data set name, you may want to use the Data Set Listing Utility accessible through PDF (option P), Utilities (option 3), then Data Set Listing (option 4). This Utility is commonly referred to as P.3.4 (pronounced 'P dot 3 dot 4'). Through this utility you may use wild cards to help you locate the name of your/the desired data set.

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