ISPF - Allocating a New Data Set

In order to allocate a data set (create a sequential file or a member of a library), you will need to use ISPF/PDF from the TSO menu. ISPF/PDF is the TSO editor. You will also use ISPF/PDF to find, rename, or delete a data set.

First, you will need to log on to TSO.  Once you have logged in, you will need to use PDF (option P - ISPF/Program Development Facility) to get to the ISPF Primary Option Menu:

Then choose option 3 - Utilities. This will take you to the Utility Selection Panel:

Choose 2 (Data Set) to allocate (create) a data set.

At the  Option ===> prompt, enter the letter (A, R, D, C, U, S, M, V, or blank) for the function you wish to perform. Choose A or M for Allocate new data set.  (Please note: Option M now functions the same as option A):

Then tab down to the data set name field. Enter, in single quotes, the data set name  you wish to allocate. Use your userid as the high level qualifier (HLQ) of the data set name. Leave the other fields blank, and press enter:

Next, you will see a screen similar to the one below. However, you will need to make a few changes on your computer to complete the allocation:

After you have completed this screen, press enter.  Once you have issued your data set allocation request, ISPF re-displays the Data Set Utility panel as well as a message indicating the result of the allocation request.

In case of a successful data set allocation, the message should read Data Set allocated. In any other case, ISPF displays a message indicating the data set allocation failure and its probable cause.

Please note: If you are having problems remembering the complete data set name, you may want to use the Data Set Listing Utility accessible through PDF (option P), Utilities (option 3), then Data Set Listing (option 4). This Utility is commonly referred to as P.3.4 (pronounced 'P dot 3 dot 4'). Through this utility you may use wild cards to help you locate the name of your/the desired data set.

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