TSO/ISPF - Compiling a Program

On STUMVS, you can compile or assemble a program, by typing at a "Command ===>"  prompt:

    tso %compile

and press enter. You will, then, be asked to fill in certain information on the next screen, the Compile Information Panel screen:

Enter the name of the program you wish to compile at the "CURRENT SOURCE PROGRAM NAME:" prompt. Then Tab to the "COMPILE TYPE:" prompt, and enter the type of program you are compiling. For example, in the above screen, the COBTST01 program will be compiled with a COBOL batch compiler (compile type 1).

If you would like your output to be printed to a file, choose Y for "COMPILE OUTPUT TO FILE:".  The output will be written to a file called:


where Userid is your STUMVS userid and ProgramName is the name of the program you are compiling.
For example, the output from the above compile produced a file called CA1F99.COBTST01.LIST, which can be viewed through ISPF's View Option.

Otherwise, you can view your output through SDSF by choosing N at the "COMPILE OUTPUT TO FILE:" prompt.  The jobname will be your userid followed by a C.

To exit the Compile Information Panel screen, press F3.

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